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 If you're interested in volunteering, please complete our Volunteer Form


We have created 5 VOLUNTEER GROUPS to help with organization and communication in our volunteer activities.

Our groups are:

Outreach/Education Committee 

Staff Information Table at community events/rallies/festivals

Maintain Speakers Bureau

Event Committee 

Organize 1-2 NORML events per year with income goal for each 

Staff events

Membership Committee 

Recruit & Maintain membership

Staff MembershipTable at community events/rallies/festivals

Membership Drive

Sponsorship Committee 

Secure Sponsors for events, website advertisements, project

funding drives, etc...

Communications/PR/Marketing Committee 

Newsletter to volunteers, members, donors, sponsors, and prospects

Press Releases


Email blasts to volunteers, members, donors


Please share to make others aware.

*You do NOT need to be a member to be a volunteer.