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The Decriminalize South Carolina Project

The Decriminalize South Carolina Project was initiated by a partnership between South Carolina NORML and The Sensible Movement Coalition.

The current maximum penalty for first offense possession of less than an ounce of cannabis, or paraphernalia, is a misdemeanor criminal conviction, 30 days in jail, a $200 fine. This doesn’t take in to consideration court costs, cost of court ordered “addiction” counseling or drug testing, or civil asset forfeiture. This also does not take in to consideration that every time the question “Have you ever been convicted of a crime” appears on a job application, student loan application, military enlistment application, organ transplant application, college application, etc… the YES check box will have to be checked. The harms of being LABELED a criminal are much greater than any harm the cannabis plant causes.

Let’s STOP lining the pockets of the for-profit prison complex. Let’s STOP wasting law enforcement resources on imprisoning non-violent cannabis supporters. Let’s STOP clogging up our judicial system prosecuting a victimless activity. Let’s STOP discriminating against consumers of a product that is safer than alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and even peanut butter.


Where can I sign the petitions? (On Hold)


There are a few steps involved to get us started on our way to initiating a voter initiative for the local ballot. The best first step for anyone interested in volunteering with the  Decriminalize South Carolina Project would be to READ the Local Initiative Guide for South Carolina.

Here are the links to the Petition PDFs.
Print it out, staple the packet on the top left corner, and start collecting signatures.
These are seven page documents. DO NOT ADD any additional pages when assembling your petition packets.
You can collect up to 40 signatures per petition.
Signatures for these petitions MUST be residents of the municipality they're signing for AND a registered voter at their current address in that municipality.

The Petitions:

The City of Charleston Petition

The City of Folly Beach Petition

The Town of James Island Petition 

REMEMBER to complete and sign the Affidavit of Circulator on the last page of each petition.

Return all completed petitions to:

South Carolina NORML

P.O. Box 1812

Folly Beach, SC 29439


Area Coordinators NEEDED.
For the Decriminalize Charleston project we feel that we will need a 9 area coordinators to cover all of Charleston, the Town of James Island, and the Town of Folly Beach. 
We’re looking for coordinators in:
The Peninsula (1) (may work with CofCharleston SSDP (Students for Sensible Drug Policy)
Johns Island (1)
West Ashley (2)
Daniel Island (2)
James Island (1) ( may work with JI coordinator)
James Island (1)
Folly Beach (1)
If you are able to help coordinate signature collection and get out the vote teams in your area PLEASE VOLUNTEER.