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Your Input Needed for Vilified - Stories from Victims of America's Drug War (REPOST)


South Carolina NORML is currently developing a new interview series, Vilified - Stories from Victims of America's Drug War, to highlight the stories of SC citizens that have been vilified by the American government’s war on cannabis consumers.

The interview series will begin with people the were arrested for simple cannabis possession.

We are asking for you help in formatting the interviews. What questions would you like to see us ask? What details would you want to know?

Please comment to help us get the the interviews that you would like to see.


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  • Hey I’m going to court for simple posession. I was arrested last year for manufacting with intent to distribute over 4 plants which I had a Native American church card for and also they ended up dropping it down to simple posession with a lawyer I was going to fight it using constitutional and religious/spiritual arguments but didn’t want to risk a felony but I’m fighting this simple possession.

    Would love to give you the run down and my research and if you have any resources for me that would be great.

    Dylan Cole Rochester

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