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Would you like to sign our voter initiative petition?

Would you like to sign our voter initiative petition to get a decriminalize possession of less than an ounce of cannabis ordinance on the ballot in Charleston, or James Island?

Both of these petitions are currently available for you to sign at Rob's Barber Shop on Harborview Road by the Harris Teeter.

You can also find the petitions at Cloud 9 Vape & CBD shop at 113 E. Ashley Ave. on Folly, including a decriminalize Folly Beach petition.

Even if you disagree, sign our petition to get it on the ballot and let voters decide.


  • Are there any places to sign for Walterboro SC?

    Ricardo Kennedy
  • The race is ON to see which town or city in SC will be first to get Sensible Decrim on a local ballot and/or get it PASSED! Once the ice is broken, it will be easier for other communities to do the same. Cannabis can stay illegal at the state level, but it just becomes unenforced at local level – like nobody is charged for jaywalking!

    Bob Chapman
  • Hey I am all for decriminalizing CBD and
    THC I know that it Helps like any Drugs that’s out there for Being Calm and Thinking Though Things as A Medicine it was given to US By God The creator of heaven and earth if it was bad why the Creator Give it to us To help us in life

    Joshua Hayes
  • I wish I could help but I live in Mt Pleasant.

    David W Davison
  • No places to sign around Summerville?


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