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What do you believe about cannabis (marijuana) legalization? (Poll)

What do you believe about cannabis (marijuana) legalization? (Poll)

Make only one selection.


  • A harmless, victimless crime. Legalize it, tax it.

  • Cannabis is the tree of life! It has so many uses from the root to the flower. It is a healing miracle plant! Free the plant! Everyone should have access to it without any consequences!!! Alcohol and pharmaceutical DRUGS are legal but a natural healing plant is illegal, our government leaders are ass backwards and all need to step down and get replaced by people who are not driven by the all mighty DOLLAR!!!

    Lee Coartney
  • As long as the retardlicans control the flow of ALL illegal drugs in this country, marijuana is off the table.
    Just like they did with alcohol. Still do actually.
    Anything the american tax payers want will only be reachable illegally as long as they have control.
    Local cops are handing out tickets now, for posession, yet the retardlicans in control say it’s the worst drug on the street.
    We are not fighting for legalization, we are fighting retardlicans for freedom !!
    Vote Blue so we can go green

  • My girlfriend and I use cannabis to ease our mental health. I’m on 5 different medications from the VA. 2 for depression and anxiety and 3 for sleep. It’s insane that I have to use marijuana illegally and risk transporting it just to get some relief. People drink alcohol daily and not many people bat an eye. Why can’t I and so many other veterans use marijuana in South Carolina without risking serious legal trouble? It’s beyond wrong.

  • Anyone in SC that wants to use cannabis, is doing so. Wake up legislators.


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