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What do you believe about cannabis (marijuana) legalization? (Poll)

What do you believe about cannabis (marijuana) legalization? (Poll)

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  • It is idiotic on Alan Wilson, State AG, to continually fight the legalization of cannabis in SC. I am a retired veteran, 27 years, fighting PTSD issues and my wife was recently diagnosed with ALS. We desperately need access to medical cannabis versus lining the pockets of big pharma with our hard-earned dollars. If SC legislators would just look at the revenue generated in states like Colorado, Nevada, and several others, their budget constraints to support infrastructure downfalls in South Carolina would be solved. Time for SC legislators, the State AG, and Govenor McMaster to pull their head out of their A$$!!!!

    Dale Jones
  • legalize it and expunge past/current cannabis-related charges and convictions. i know things run a bit slower in the south, but good grief we are so far behind where we should be in terms of a naturally occurring drug that you literally cannot overdose on.

  • I was on antidepressants for a couple of months when I nearly didn’t make it. A buddy of mine gave me some cannabis and my life completely changed. If it wasn’t for that green herb from the heavens above then my ass was headed down a deep dark hole. Cannabis saved my life.

  • South Carolina Controlled Substances Therapeutic Research Act of 1980
    Seems to have been forgotten by the current Legislators for obvious reasons. Big Pharma and their poison cannot even come close to helping people the way Canabis does. Not to mention the Health benefits and POSITIVE results from this Natural Medicine. It’s not that hard to form the panel as outlined in this 1980 Act. Our State needs the money this would generate and the people need the option to medicate with Natural Safe medicine. Stop the Political yammering and give the people what they want and deserve!!

  • Legalize cannabis as it truly is a medicine that helps so many people! Free all non violent cannabis prisoners now!


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