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THIS WEDNESDAY (1/19/2022) on the South Carolina NORML Cannabis Conversation

THIS WEDNESDAY (1/19/2022) on the South Carolina NORML Cannabis Conversation:
TOPIC: Steps to Decriminalization with Special Guest Kevin Caldwell. MPP has recently announced that it has hired Kevin Caldwell to serve as the organization’s Southeast Legislative Manager.
His extensive background in lobbying, grassroots organizing, and previous cannabis advocacy will help bolster MPP’s ongoing efforts as we increase our involvement in the South. He is prepared to work closely with state legislators and allies to pass decriminalization and medical cannabis laws in states that don’t yet have them and to pass adult-use legalization in Louisiana.

Kevin will join us to speak of his efforts prior to joining MPP. He has asked that if you have had to deal with a cannabis arrest in SC, please join the conversation.

MPP Announcement

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