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SC Attorney General, SLED chief team up to oppose legalizing medical marijuana.

South Carolina’s top two law enforcement officials held a news conference at the State House on Wednesday to build opposition to the legalization of medical marijuana in the Palmetto State.
South Carolina is poised to become the 34th state to legalize marijuana for medical use

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  • As a child and adolescent, I had plenty of exposure to marijuana. Contrary to the hype, it’s not that much different than what we did back in the 70’s. It’s time to rethink it. Labeling marijuana as a dangerous drug, when most people already know differently, makes it appear that we are ignorant and uninformed. Politics maybe? I know the State is missing an excellent revenue stream – which we could desperately use in other areas! Please reconsider your position on marijuana use. I use marijuana to AVOID many of the other drugs that have proven to be detrimental to me (opiates, lorazepam, flexerill). My PTSD is finally under control with marijuana). Please make it easier for me so that I don’t have to feel like a criminal just to avoid the pain and be able to sleep. Please leave the veterans alone…

    Robert Smith

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