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Lowcountry NORML is in the news.

S.C. Democrats overwhelmingly supported medical marijuana on the ballot Tuesday. Experts weigh in on what that really means.
The prospect of going green in a red state

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  • I am a disabled vet with 4 combat deployments. Multiple injuries and ptsd. In chronic pain and debilitating anxiety. I have tried every medication the va has prescribed and no positive results. Smoking medicine has been the only saving grace for me. I have been off opioids since March and been exclusively using cannabis to treat my symptoms. I have improved drastically. I find it absolutely appalling that it is illegal for my to use medicine that works because of ignorant law makers!!

    Annonamous disabled veteran
  • I’m a medical miracle. Transplant recipient in 2003 (kidney). Cancer survivor (2006), lupus patient. I am back on dialysis after transplanted kidney failed in2011. Daily issues with oain, loss of appetite, sleep deprived, and general discomfort. Legalization of marijuana would be a blessing for me. No longer would I gave to deal with the detrimental side effects of various pharmaceutical drugs. I could receive relief fromall of my various ailments with legalization. Why is it that South Carolina refuses to give me this relief is beyond me.
    I should not have to move my entire family just to seek relief in another state. Please reach out to your government officials and tell them we need marijuana reformand legalization now. There are tons of thousands of S.C. residents in the same situation as me. We need your support.

    Joey Riollano

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