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Lobby Week 2021

Hi Everyone,

Monday morning, the sun is shining, and it is the first day in two weeks that I feel well enough to post about our Lobby Week, which is already nearing the end.

Our lobby week is meant to be an effort to rally the voters of South Carolina into contacting their elected state legislators and encourage them to cosponsor and support pro cannabis legislation.

While my rallying efforts have been hampered, my hope is that we can pull this lobbying effort out of its tailspin, fly through the next couple of days, and make a spectacular landing as we finish up our lobby week.

Here is what I am asking of you to make this happen:

First, give a boast to our lobby week by sending an email, supporting current medical marijuana legislation, to your state legislators. Follow this link:

Second, send them an email supporting decriminalization of simple possession of cannabis. Follow this link:

And third, send an email encouraging the passage of S268, which would place a statewide advisory referendum on the ballot in the 2022 election, to let voters decide whether or not South Carolina should legalize adult-use marijuana. Follow this link:

Lastly, visit and view the email and phone scripts linked there. The scripts have some suggestions on how to draft your own letter, and how to modify the pre-written template letters. The phone script templates will be helpful in completing the task I hope to saddle you with tomorrow.

Thank you for your support of cannabis.

Best regards,

Scott W.


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