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Final Day of our 2021 Lobby Week

Hi Everyone,

Its the final day of our Lobby Week.

Let’s try something a little different, let’s contact the Governor.

Henry McMaster has earned an “F” rating on the NORML voting guide. (

His position is entrenched deeply in propaganda spouted by law enforcer and the (in)justice system.

Over 80% of South Carolina citizens support legalization of medical cannabis, and decriminalizing simple possession.

Let’s let Mr. McMaster know that he needs to evolve his cannabis position from his support of enforcing unconstitutional, racist, and morally reprehensible legislation, to a cannabis position that supports and benefits the citizens of South Carolina.

Here is Henry McMaster’s contact info:




One last thing I’ll request from you is to join the South Carolina Cannabis Conversation tonight (2/10/2021) to discuss, review, and critique how this lobby week went, and what we can do in the future to improve our lobbying efforts. RSVP:


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