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Director's Corner - March 2021


March 2021


Hi Everyone,


The is news this month is the Senate Medical Affairs Committee hearing for S150, The South Carolina Compassionate Care Act. scheduled for March 18th at 9:30am in the Gressette Building Room 105. While there will be no public testimony, the hearing is open to the public.


 The first step in moving senate sponsored legislation forward is to get it voted out of the committee it has been referred to. Then the bill needs a senate floor vote prior to the April 10, 2021 crossover deadline. (A “crossover” deadline is the last day for a bill to pass out of the chamber in which it was introduced and move forward for consideration in the opposite chamber.)


Medical cannabis in South Carolina needs us to show up. As noted above there will be no public testimony, that does not mean we can’t show our support by showing interest in the transparency of the process This process has been unjustly influenced by government propaganda, pharmaceutical lobbyists, and less than honorable tax-payer funded public servants. You know law enforcers are going to show up. S.L.E.D. Chief Mark Keel will most definitely have representation at this hearing.


That is why we need to show up. We must to have these committee members see us supporting this bill. We want them to acknowledge our presence, and comprehend the desire South Carolinians have to remove the negative stigma from the consumers of this beneficial plant.


I ask that you show up in “appropriate attire”. As much as I love to wear t-shirts sporting cannabis leaves, a senate hearing is not the appropriate place to wear one. Standard business attire (suits for men and women) is recommended. Business casual (slacks, khakis, button-down shirts, etc.) will also work. There may be a fair amount of walking so be sure to wear comfortable shoes. Dressing “appropriately” indicates that we understand and respect the integrity of the hearing process. Weather forecasts for Thursday March 18th call for wind and rain.


Indicating your support with a button or pin is perfectly appropriate.

 I will have about a dozen enameled leaf lapel pins available for a $5.00 donation each, or free if you show me your 2021 South Carolina membership badge (while supply lasts). I will also have a small supply of our old Lowcountry NORML buttons on hand for anyone that wants a free support decoration. No doubt I’ll also have some free NORML stickers in my bag, and a bunch of our South Carolina NORML brochures, which include a copy of the NORML Freedom Card. Everyone should keep a copy of the NORML Freedom Card with their ID.


My plan is to arrive in Columbia, SC at a little past 7:00am. I plan to park at the Lady Street garage or the Park Street garage. I hope to arrive at Crêpes & Croissants at 1465 Sumpter Street by 7:30am for coffee and a little snack. I expect to get to the Gressette Building by no later than 9:00am and finding my way to room 105, or an overflow viewing area.

Although no arrangements have been made, I hope to take a tour of the State House. There are guided and self-guided options. Let me know if you would like to join us.

After the tour I plan to have lunch at Immaculate Consumption at 933 Main Street.

Before returning home I hope to scout the Columbia area for a location to hold an event on Saturday July 10th. Your location suggestions will be appreciated.



I hope to see a strong turnout of cannabis supporter for this hearing. I also hope that all of you are contacting the members of the Senate Medical Affairs Committee to voice your support. Find their contact info here:


To join us visit


Thank you for your support,

Scott Weldon

South Carolina NORML



*Hearing Agenda:

Tell Henry McMaster and Mark Keel that we support ending cannabis prohibition in South Carolina

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